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Meet Anita

Born and raised in Randolph, New Jersey, Anita Minervino moved to North Myrtle Beach in 1986, where she currently resides. She is a graduate of Monmouth College and worked in the communications and marketing industry for over 25 years. She has held positions at Time Warner Cable, WPDE News Channel 15, Regal Publications, and Luxury Hotel Publications.


Coastal Pure is a homegrown business that Anita incorporated in 2008. Coastal Pure installed the first 100% DHEC compliant commercial Copper/Silver Ionization System at the Greenbriar Community of Barefoot Resort in North Myrtle Beach in 2009. Together, Charlie and Anita grew Coastal Pure into the full-service commercial pool management company it is today.

Anita has one daughter, Rebecca, a graduate of the University of South Carolina and native of North Myrtle Beach. She resides and works in Charleston, SC. When she's not working, Anita enjoys spending time with her daughter, cruising on her e-bike, cooking, and taking care of six loving felines. 

Meet Charlie

Charlie Nill is the Operations Manager for Coastal Pure. He was born and raised on the eastern end of Long Island, New York. After high school, Charlie spent two years in the United States Army and served in Vietnam where he served as a Paratrooper/Pathfinder. As a result of his service, Charlie was awarded a Purple Heart.


Charlie moved to New Jersey and opened a full-service advertising agency. 10 years later, he moved his family to Little River, SC and became a successful REALTOR® for the next 20 years.

After a couple years of retirement under his belt, Charlie joined Coastal Pure in 2012 as the Operations Manager. This position allowed Charlie to use his knowledge and experience from past work in many fields over the years. As Operations Manager, Charlie manages many moving parts. His old school work methods combined with years of experience has earned him the title of 'Pool Whisperer.'  

Coastal Pure Charlie
Coastal Pure Team

Why Coastal Pure?

Coastal Pure is a local, family and woman-owned company born out of necessity to create a healthy pool experience that saves people money and is environmentally sustainable. It began as a backyard hobby and quickly became a business. As experts in water chemistry, Anita and Charlie enjoy providing HOA communities, residential homes and commercial properties with healthy, sustainable and beautiful pools while also saving hundreds and thousands of dollars in chemical and maintenance costs.

Coastal Pure's mission is to provide HOA communities with exceptionally clean and healthy pool water that is free of bacteria and algae, without using high levels of costly chemicals. This method is better for the wallet, better for the swimmers’ health, and better for the environment.


Coastal Pure slashes chemical operating budgets by 60-70% year after year.

Coastal Pure raises the bar in commercial pool care by offering long-term, cost effective solutions by introducing DHEC compliant, affordable, NASA developed technology that's a less-chemical approach to clean, healthy recreational pool water.

Caribbean Clear®

We only partner with the best in water treatment systems and technology solutions. Based in South Carolina, Caribbean Clear® is one of the only suppliers of the Copper/Silver Ionization System. They have been pioneers in water treatment since 1982, when they combined NASA's ionization silver delivery technology with copper in a scientifically proven ratio suited for the needs of addressing swimming pool water.

Copper is the most powerful natural algaecide on the planet. It is used in ponds, reservoirs, and by water treatment plants. While early pools benefited too, copper was largely forgotten as chlorine quickly became a cure-all, when it was learned that enough chlorine could destroy just about anything.

Silver had proven its ability to control pathogens throughout medical history long before NASA saw it as an opportunity to safely, non-toxically, and non-corrosively purify recycled water aboard the APOLLO space craft.

Click below to learn more about this amazing technology.

Caribbean Clear Pool System
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